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Bishop Lorenzo & First Lady Moore

Welcomes you! 


Mt. Moriah House of God Saints in Christ was the first church that was founded by the Late Bishop Nick Hightower Sr. in 1927. Following his faithful service and six pastors after, it was not until 1977 when Bishop Lorenzo Moore was appointed to Pastor Mt. Moriah House of God Saints in Christ. Today Mt. Moriah serves as the General Headquarters for over 50 affiliated churches in the H.O.G.S.I.C.

Through years of faithful service for many in the city of Jacksonville, Florida and around the world, Mt. Moriah continues to signify it's true meaning and purpose, "The Mount of the Lord."

A place where the Spirit of the Lord dwells. Many who have come lost, broken, and living defeated lives have found that; "In The Mount of the Lord is shall be provided." (Gen 22:14) Because of the spirit of the Lord, many who were broken became whole, the sick healed, the weak strong, and the bound free.


Here at Mt. Moriah, we are passionate with providing the love of God into the hearts of all ages and ethnicity. It is our earnest desire to see our families mature spiritually, find their true purpose, and live their lives victoriously overcoming the world through their faith in God. 


This is why we offer Ministries that are designed to display the love of God, teach the Word of God, and equip our families to develop and maintain a true and lasting relationship with God. 


"Praise God for Victory" is proclaimed throughout the House of Mt. Moriah because we acknowledge years of integrity and faithful service to our church families, community and for the lives that are changing. 


We invite you and your family to fellowship with us at Mt. Moriah "THE CHURCH WHERE THE HOLY GHOST MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!"


LiveStream &
On Demand



Tel. 904-353-9750


P.O. Box 9962

Jacksonville, Fl 32208



Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am 

Sunday School 9:30 am

1005 Odessa Street

Jacksonville, Fl 32206




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